Responsible Sourcing

The Botanica range has been designed with fragrances infused with responsibly sourced natural ingredients, creating an alluring, natural smelling experience in your home.

The natural ingredients infused in our fragrances are supported with documentation which ensures that they are carefully selected in a way which respects our planet, while also adhering to our responsible sourcing policy.

Lavender Oil

An example of the immense care taken to source key ingredients includes our Lavender Oil, sourced from France.

Our suppliers are able to support and encourage local lavender farmers in order to improve the long-term availability of crops and oil filtration systems, as well as improve the lives of the local communities.

Our suppliers continue to offer support to lavender plantations through ongoing research into sustainable production and the fight against plant disease.

Lavender Oil


At Botanica, we are dedicated to working with our suppliers to ensure the responsible sourcing of natural ingredients against our standards.

One of the key natural ingredients used in our range is Vetiver, which is sourced responsibly from the Caribbean Island of Haiti.

Our supplier is committed to supporting and improving the livelihoods and daily life conditions of the Vetiver farmers, demonstrated by a dedicated support program.

Our Vetiver farmers are paid premium prices which contributes to the supply of high quality Vetiver oil.

Additionally, our supplier is able to support access to education and health care for the local communities and provide continuous support for technical training on best farming practices.